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basement redesign

Even the most coveted aspects of home design can be challenging. Open floor plans are attractive for many reasons but can also be tricky. The first time we laid eyes on this project, it was under construction, and the layout was a large and long open space to include a bar and a second access to a storage room. Once we got in and assessed the area, it was clear that in order to maximize the room’s potential, we needed to make a few changes. The bar placement was critical, or we ran the risk of awkward, wasted spaces. Luckily, coming into the job so early, we had that flexibility. We shifted the bar down to one end of the room and closed off the wall with the door to the storage area (it was a secondary door and was not the primary access). This design made a well-defined area for entertaining with a tabletop surface: a dining table for games or food and drinks was perfect for the client.

basement design dining are

After tackling that feature, there was still a large and long space to work with. On the far wall was a fireplace, and one desire for function in the basement included a cozy spot to watch TV. The fireplace proved the natural spot to place the TV (a picture TV for the win since it doubles as art). We settled on the modular style of the Winston Sectional from CR Laine because it allows for ottomans to be used on the ends of the sofa to create chaise lounges or centered in the room to form a large ottoman/coffee table. We always aim for versatility, especially in a space for casual entertaining. An area in the middle was left – on one side, a large sectional, and on the other, a table for entertaining. We created a conversational space that could easily overflow from the table/bar area or as a reading, working, or resting place when not entertaining.

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The challenge always proves to be fun because that is where creativity comes into play. Sometimes that creativity requires small-scale changes that pay off in big ways when all is said and done. What was once a head-scratcher of a room is now a multi-functional hub for all ages. And it could not have turned out without the trust of such wonderful clients.

basement renovation

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