guest room redesign

One of the most exciting things about completely redoing a room is reimagining how the homeowner will use the space. This bonus room was so much fun to update.

guest room renovation

 The room is in a house that was previously a model home and designed to be a quirky guest room/playroom with bold patterns and colors. The clients needed a more functional room that fit the design of the whole house.

guest room before renovation

Maintaining a place for guests to sleep while not dominating the large open room was made easy with American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper Sofa collection.

redesign of guest room

The room transformed into a stylish and comfortable place to relax. The soft sloping arms of the Perry Sleeper Sofa give a little flare while keeping with a classic and beachy look that fit the feel of the rest of the home.

guest room redesign

Now, they can cozy up to watch tv and have a lovely room for guests. Several months after the installation, the owner confessed they use the space all the time – a total win for our design goals!

before and after

The versatility and intuitive features the American Leather Comfort Sleepers offers make creating multifunctional spaces an attractive and comfortable reality. Their sleepers feature 8 inches more sleeping area than a traditional sleeper with 80 inches of sleeping space on a plush, hi-density HiPerform mattress that comes standard on all models, or upgrade to a Cooling Gel or Tempur-Pedic mattress.

dining room renovation

dining room renovation power of rugs

We are here to remind you that rug orders in July are 20% off at Dream House and show you the power a new rug can have! Rugs can add depth, color, drama, and, of course, softness to your spaces! Take a scroll through these before and after images of rooms we designed in a recent client’s home and see the impact a rug can make!

renovation dining room

We offer a variety of beautifully crafted rugs from vendors we have partnered with for years. Shop area rugs, runners, and floor mats in every color and style imaginable – and even for your outdoor oasis!

impact a rug can make

This room came together beautifully and simply with a new rug, window treatment, and pillow in a complementary and pretty palate.

before bed

Don’t be overwhelmed! Come by Dream House, and we will help you find what you need for your home in a style you love. Whether you are looking for quick and simple interior design renovation with rugs or a complete room or home makeover, we can assist!

hallway interior renovation after see the impact a rug can make

A departure from the traditional wooden hallway bench, this plush and pretty upholstery adds a pop of color and pattern that compliments the entry rug.

before hallway renovation

See the impact a rug can make (and so much more) in these Before & Afters:

Sophisticated Living Room

Beautiful Basement Renovation

basement redesign

basement redesign

Even the most coveted aspects of home design can be challenging. Open floor plans are attractive for many reasons but can also be tricky. The first time we laid eyes on this project, it was under construction, and the layout was a large and long open space to include a bar and a second access to a storage room. Once we got in and assessed the area, it was clear that in order to maximize the room’s potential, we needed to make a few changes. The bar placement was critical, or we ran the risk of awkward, wasted spaces. Luckily, coming into the job so early, we had that flexibility. We shifted the bar down to one end of the room and closed off the wall with the door to the storage area (it was a secondary door and was not the primary access). This design made a well-defined area for entertaining with a tabletop surface: a dining table for games or food and drinks was perfect for the client.

basement design dining are

After tackling that feature, there was still a large and long space to work with. On the far wall was a fireplace, and one desire for function in the basement included a cozy spot to watch TV. The fireplace proved the natural spot to place the TV (a picture TV for the win since it doubles as art). We settled on the modular style of the Winston Sectional from CR Laine because it allows for ottomans to be used on the ends of the sofa to create chaise lounges or centered in the room to form a large ottoman/coffee table. We always aim for versatility, especially in a space for casual entertaining. An area in the middle was left – on one side, a large sectional, and on the other, a table for entertaining. We created a conversational space that could easily overflow from the table/bar area or as a reading, working, or resting place when not entertaining.

home interior design sitting area

The challenge always proves to be fun because that is where creativity comes into play. Sometimes that creativity requires small-scale changes that pay off in big ways when all is said and done. What was once a head-scratcher of a room is now a multi-functional hub for all ages. And it could not have turned out without the trust of such wonderful clients.

basement renovation

Check out more of our basement redesigns here:

This project started with pretty bare bones: an unfinished basement with much to gain. The vision for the space was a place for both adults and children to entertain and be entertained while keeping it neutral with pops of color.

We started with the finishes: black cabinets were paired with a warm golden granite with flecks of black along with warm wood floors with darker edges. The walls were painted a khaki color to keep it neutral and accentuate the molding detail.

The large, open floor plan was divided into two priorities, a TV area and the kitchen area which consisted of a long room. The area by the kitchen/bar was the perfect place for the “adult” area making room for a game area on the other end. We chose a beautiful, warm wood extending dining table (Woodbridge  Furniture) to complement the floors and counters and keep the space cozy and inviting. It’s the perfect place to host and congregate (everyone loves being by the kitchen). The rug (Company C) helped to brighten the floors and pulled in colors from the countertop and backsplash to create a layering effect of light and dark pieces. We picked a smooth, soft leather for the chairs (CR Laine) to make the area feel more sophisticated and to add another texture to the lush surroundings.

As most projects are done in phases, phase two was accessorizing! (Global Views) We pulled navy into the second half of the long kitchen area on stools for a high top table game area as well as art in the adjoining TV room. Using blues and small pops of orange, we carried some color into the kitchen while keeping the accessories to a minimum to let the architecture shine. The fun series of tiles (Houston Llew Spiritiles) with drink themes on the wall over the beverage refrigerators was a fun personalized touch that added color and character. Mixing comfort and style into a basement design proved to be so rewarding! This basement is now the highlight of the home and has become an enjoyable space catered to the family’s needs for all ages to relax, play, and entertain.


Sophisticated Living Room

The original Living Room space was outdated with it’s old faux sponge painted walls, window treatments, and lack of a cohesive conversation area. The furniture was against the walls and the colors on the walls and of the floors did not compliment each other.

Our starting point was with a floor plan to create the ideal conversation area. As a focal point, we created a built in wall unit and painted the wall behind it dark brown for an extra pop. The wall unit was made with an opening in the middle for a large contemporary picture with great colors. That was the idea that got us going, from this artwork we began to build out the color scheme all while keeping the color of the flooring in mind.

This lovely, renovated farmhouse has an open floor plan with the dining room floating between the kitchen and living areas. The client wanted to keep the dining room in the style of the home, but give it an updated look with new furniture and decor. The space required new paints and fabrics that pulled together a number of elements: the black kitchen cabinets, the colors of the adjacent living areas, and the natural wood finishes around the room.

Dream House Interior Design Frederick

It was easy to be inspired by this charming, renovated farmhouse and its wonderful inhabitants —a busy family with kids, dogs and horses. Dream House’s Wendy Flynn worked her magic to help the owners achieve a lighter, brighter feel with an updated country look that is lovely for entertaining but also withstands all the fun of its smaller, busier family members. She transformed this large, open area into beautiful, comfortable living and family rooms.

This open, stand alone space had the great advantage of allowing a style all it’s own.

We created a very simple and clean modern space with a few different unique pieces.

The TV area has a beautiful wedge shaped sectional that allows everyone to face the television while at the same time being angled towards one another for conversation. Additionally, the back cushions can be raised higher on each individual seat. And for added comfort…down fill!

These clients were ready for a complete transformation of their main level Family Room. With a desire to move away from a traditional aesthetic, we had to keep in mind that this space co-exists with the other rooms that it opens up to. And that for the time being are still traditional.

We started from the bottom up. The rug, though neutral in pattern and color, provided both depth and contrast with the slightly raised, tufted antique, white pattern atop the hooked gray/brown base.

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