Over the winter, my Golden Retriever, Roxy, died of cancer. As with every loss of a family pet, I was heartbroken. I’m telling this story to share the extraordinary way in which my dog food supply company responded to my loss.


I had recently begun receiving dog food and supplies from an online company every six weeks. After my dog’s passing, I had to cancel my subscription. This company was very kind when I explained why I no longer needed their services. Not only were they understanding, but they also ended up sending me flowers! I was so surprised that a large company would go this extra mile. Their kindness encouraged me to think about our own small business and the ways we uniquely care for customers. It also made me reflect on the ways we can do more.


At Dream House, we strive to give a personal touch, be kind, honest, and friendly. This company’s act of kindness was so inspiring to me. Small businesses like ours may not be able to send flowers, but we can aim to write a note of thanks, an email of encouragement, or give a token of appreciation for a job well done.


Wendy Flynn - Dream House

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