Tips & Tricks for Picking the PERFECT Paint Color

How to pick paint

Looking to change out your wall colors and don’t know where to start? When we go on a color consult with a client, the first step is always getting to know the space. It is important to determine if you are just selecting wall color or if the room is getting a makeover. If color is not the only change, picking paint first may be putting the cart before the horse. When choosing colors, it is important to know all the elements in the room: fabric colors, wood tones, lighting, etc.

SO, stop if you are looking to drop other pieces in your space before you roll on a color that doesn’t work.

The next step is to decide on a color. Take your color option(s) around the room. Hold your color up on a sunny wall and look at it with the rest of the finishes. Now move it to a shaded wall and do the same thing. Making sure the color looks good with all the light in the space is key.

Extra Tip: Those small swatches give a very limited visual representation. Try grabbing a poster board and painting a large swatch for a better idea of how that color will look once it’s all over your walls!


The final step is to determine the sheen of the paint. There are lots of guides out there so we will keep this part short and sweet.

Paint Chart

Extra Tip: Egg-Shell is between Flat and Satin which makes it less shiny than satin but still more cleanable than flat.  

Still having trouble choosing a palette? We offer color consultation services and love the opportunity to give fresh life to a space with a new paint scheme. Thinking of painting but stopping because new paint isn’t the only item on your interior design agenda? We would love to help you create a beautiful new space whether you want to keep some old pieces or start afresh.

Call us at 301-360-0680 to set up a consultation, our Design Team is always excited to help.

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