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Top 5 Designer Recommended Things Your Home Needs in 2020

We can all admit that this year has not panned out to be what we hoped and dreamed the new year and decade would bring. Amid the curveballs thrown, we are adjusting – perhaps resituating to balance our mostly at home life, to make it enjoyable and meaningful. The more time spent at home, the […]


Family and Pet-friendly Furniture

One comment we hear every day in the store is, “I can’t get a sofa, I have kids and pets.” We are happy to inform you that the world of upholstery has expanded and improved, and it’s really exciting! Years ago, when we first started working in the furniture industry, the fabrics for durability were […]


A Shelf Styling Guide

Bookshelves, new or old, pose the same design dilemma: how do you find a balance between practical, sentimental, and decorative items to make the perfect eye-appealing display? It is a daunting task, but we have a few tips to get your shelves in beautiful order. The first step is to assess what you need on […]


2020 Trends

New year, new trends and we are loving some of what’s forecasted! We’ve already jumped on board with these favorites: Here are more trends we know will be great: Rooms Painted From Head to Toe Rattan and Wicker Furniture Bold Wallpapers for Powder Rooms Looking for more “In” and “Out” predictions? Read the list of […]

Dream House Holiday Recipes

Find festive and pretty tableware at Dream House to show off all your favorite holiday treats this season. Not sure what to make? We share some of our favorite recipes below… Cheesecake —Miriam Rosenthal This family recipe is always on our holiday table. Simple. Classic. Delicious.—Cassie Ingredients Filling (3) 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese (4) […]

Why Choose American Leather For Your Sleeper Sofa?

We’ve been selling American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper Sofas for years because we love them and our customers have told us over and over that they do too! Not everyone knows what makes them stand out, so in anticipation of our big Comfort Sleeper sale, we found a fabulous explanation and had to share. After purchasing […]

The Most Inspiring Page To Follow

In need of some creative inspiration? We’ll let you in on one of our newest obsessions – the @Firmdale_Hotels Instagram account. Run by Interior Designer, Kit Kemp, her page showcases the luxury hotel company’s unique style and their love affair with mixing fabulous wallpaper and upholstery patterns. The hotel company, which is run by Kemp […]

Designing My Own First Nursery

As an Interior Designer, selecting the perfect furniture for its function and pairing it with gorgeous fabrics is second nature. Yet somehow, when it comes to picking our own pieces, it feels like an impossible and indecisive burden. I am pregnant with my first child, and as I began the hunt to find the perfect […]

Diary of a Dream Designer Show House

Our finished Show House room. Recently, Dream House participated in the first ever Designer Show House in Frederick, Maryland. The proceeds of the house tours went to the Weinberg Center for the Performing Arts. We were so honored to be included in this design challenge, and it was a great experience. I’d like to say […]