CR Laine Upholstered Furniture

Why Resist!?

We walk you through the top four reasons you may be hesitant to buy new upholstery furniture and offer ways to ensure you get the best item for your space without the worry. COST The cost of new upholstery furniture can be a significant…
guest room redesign

Before & After: Bonus Room

One of the most exciting things about completely redoing a room is reimagining how the homeowner will use the space. This bonus room was so much fun to update.  The room is in a house that was previously a model home and designed to be…
dining room renovation

The Power of Rugs

We are here to remind you that rug orders in July are 20% off at Dream House and show you the power a new rug can have! Rugs can add depth, color, drama, and, of course, softness to your spaces! Take a scroll through these before and after…
basement redesign

Basement Edition

Even the most coveted aspects of home design can be challenging. Open floor plans are attractive for many reasons but can also be tricky. The first time we laid eyes on this project, it was under construction, and the layout was a large…
Design House room
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How We Help You Avoid ‘Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’

'Putting the cart before the horse' is a commonly used idiom referring to doing things in the incorrect order or getting ahead of yourself before you have thoroughly thought something through. Well, at Dream House, we like the phrase, 'don’t…
Samsung Customized Fridge
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Our Top Recommended Design Trends for 2021

Colorful, Coordinated Kitchen Appliances Samsung has designed a new line of innovative, functional, and infinitely customizable kitchen appliances called Bespoke. Imagine a kitchen with color coordinating microwaves, dishwashers, and refrigerators.…
Dream House
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Dream House is featured in this month’s Frederick Lifestyle!

Check out our design tips for dressing up your home for the holidays! From Frederick Lifestyle: Dressing up your home for the holidays is a bit like dressing yourself for a holiday get together. Adding a sparkling necklace or shiny earrings…
Kid Friendly Furniture

Family and Pet-friendly Furniture

One comment we hear every day in the store is, “I can’t get a sofa, I have kids and pets.” We are happy to inform you that the world of upholstery has expanded and improved, and it’s really exciting! Years ago, when we first started…
Styled Shelves

A Shelf Styling Guide

Bookshelves, new or old, pose the same design dilemma: how do you find a balance between practical, sentimental, and decorative items to make the perfect eye-appealing display? It is a daunting task, but we have a few tips to get your shelves…
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