CR Laine Upholstered Furniture

Why Resist!?

We walk you through the top four reasons you may be hesitant to buy new upholstery furniture and offer ways to ensure you get the best item for your space without the worry. COST The cost of new upholstery furniture can be a significant…
2020 Trends

2020 Trends

New year, new trends and we are loving some of what’s forecasted! We’ve already jumped on board with these favorites: Here are more trends we know will be great: Rooms Painted From Head to Toe Rattan and Wicker Furniture Bold Wallpapers…
Holiday Entertaining
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Dream House Holiday Recipes

Find festive and pretty tableware at Dream House to show off all your favorite holiday treats this season. Not sure what to make? We share some of our favorite recipes below... Cheesecake —Miriam Rosenthal This family recipe is always…
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These days I find myself daydreaming about snuggling into a cozy, made bed and sleeping for days (as, I am sure, most new moms do). Peeling back soft plush layers, curling beneath crisp sheets, and weighed down by quilts and duvets is a universally enjoyable experience. Some of my current obsessions are inspired by one of our bedding lines...

Quick & Simple Home Accent Ideas to Update Your Space

Try these quick and easy tips to update your space!

Seasonal Switch Up

There’s something to be said about fall: I love the crisp mornings warming up to delightful humidity-free afternoons; these are days meant for hot drinks, football, and watching leaves turn vibrant. With this seasonal switch, many of…
How to pick paint

Tips & Tricks for Picking the PERFECT Paint Color

Looking to change out your wall colors and don’t know where to start? When we go on a color consult with a client, the first step is always getting to know the space. It is important to determine if you are just selecting wall color or if…

CR Laine Sale Inspiration

We love CR Laine’s versatile, beautifully crafted, American-made furniture. Their extensive selection of fabrics and leathers allow for a multitude of styles that work in any home. Take 40% off CR Laine until October 7th at Dream House. Our…
Inspiration 1

Inspiration with Ordinary Objects

As summer winds down, my thoughts turn to all the inspiration each of us has gathered from our summer travels, whether they were near or far. I know you all took some pictures on your phone!! I was lucky enough to travel with great friends to…
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